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ⅩⅢ “My dreams aren't as empty…” ⅢⅩ

“…As my conscience seems to be.”

〔 望月 綾時∥Mochizuki Ryōji 〕
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Just a wish away; just a few months ago. . .

[ [AU] Roleplay Journal for Ryoji Mochizuki from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. No infringement intended.

For the beginning entry of his backstory (and the summation version), you need only click here. Be warned it will contain spoilers for Persona 3. Permissions list/meme can be found HERE~!
TL;DR VERSION (thanks to Church-chan; AKA String_plucker's mun): IF NYX FALLS, EVERYONE DIES
All icons of his are made by enuringly unless otherwise credited; Persona 3 manga art credit thanks to the scans by gekkoukanhigh's community! Mun can also be reached on AIM at In Enurement.

Someday I'll get around to getting him a proper layout. HIATUS. Return UNKNOWN.