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If you'd like to contact the mun, her main LJ happens to lhuna. For AIM, IM her at In Enurement.

If you'd like to use this post to, say, "call" Ryoji's IC cellphone or for other purposes, that also works. And I guess it dually functions as concrit, IF you want to give it.



These are his relationships in order of meeting at the current RP he is in bubblevoid.
Dressing rooms maaaay come later.
Please note multiples of social links will be allowed here due to the numerous people of different personalities, unlike in the game. While it has no real REASON, I will be updating this page. Assuming he ever /does/ get to the Velvet Room, his level isn't reset, but from Bubble Void, his social links, save Death, are.

Only users met twice/NOT dropped/heard from are here. (Consulting of who was what Arcana came from HERE. Obscure I know.)

Oh god long entry for social links is long guys, seriously. Image heavy as well.Collapse )

[ | Info: | § | The Fall: Elaboration | ]

Persona 3 spoilers for full game as always! Just more details on Ryoji's backstory, deviations, and his personality. I felt like typing and maybe if someone needed to read his thoughts cough cough *looks at Bubblevoid* deep down, they'd be able to know. ~ ♥

Guilt to the EXTREME.Collapse )
I only just now remembered this. This meme will tell you what I allow/don't, etc. It's long but if you read through it I will love you foreeeveeeeer. Without further ado...


Permissions!Collapse )

Again, you can contact the mun as previously mentioned at lhuna, PM to this account, *OR* at her AIM at In Enurement. Don't be afraid to IM me if you really need to, or PM this account. |D


[ | Info: | § | Misc. Information. | ]

Information I have deemed appropriate to write down.
SPOILERS will apply.

Breathing in the darkness.Collapse )


Spoilers for Persona 3 apply. Read at your own risk.
While this Ryoji is AU, the ending is similar. If you haven't finished the game or don't want it spoiled, don't read.

He'd looked forward to this month....Collapse )
Persona 3 Spoilers will follow this backstory at all times.

Death loves company--especially female company.Collapse )



[ | Backstory: | § | Ten Years Ago | ]



ⅩⅢ§ Behind Blue Eyes…
〔 望月 綾時∥Mochizuki Ryōji 〕

Latest Month

June 2009

Flower of Hell

C’mon, let’s forget that the future
Will be smeared in blood again
If the tepid wind winds in coils
It’s probably a sign

Dash out, dash out
From your far too sad destiny
You’re not the flower of hell
At such a place
Don’t bloom, don’t bloom
You mustn’t get caught

The pieces of time flutter about soundlessly...
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